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What is your favorite type of Music?

This question arose, on September 21st, 2022, Syracuse Wedding Networking get-acquainted sessions.

My family enjoyed music through radio, television, and the 78-record professionals of Elvis, Tony Bennett, the great ballots Roger Whittaker, Liberace, Lawrence Welk, and Sing Along with Mitch Miller, to name a few.

My Favorite Type of Music was played in the background nightly at home while conversation and storytelling were happening around the table of our events from my parents including my school activities.

The Radio familiar hit songs of the day at breakfast time were preparing positive affirmations to us for our schedules. It’s welcomed home again greetings during our snack breaks and dinner time fellowship around the table that brought great comfort and peace of mind.

Music in my life has touched a Spiritual fourth-dimensional level over many unexplainable events and the sense of challenges in my life’s journey.

There is not one day that somewhere a thoughtful lyric, tune, cadence, or phrase of a writer and performing artist does not bring a smile, a closeness of home to this world of seeking and discovering!

Total summaries of styles include Pop, Country, Ballads, Trailers, and Great Broadway Musicals.

Spiritual and Wedding Music are always in the foreground of my library for entertainment.

But the truest sense of my artisanship happens through the thought-processing master songwriters and their accompanying musician background assistance.

Truly blessed beyond blessed as my life seeks new discoveries of sounds, songs, and staging performances to share these amazing treasure chest jewel tones among my listening souls upon this old earth.

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