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Thomas F Hall Performer LLC offers a diversity of programs for the wider community.

Artisan plays samples & welcomes discussions of his Play Listed Publications

Performance activities are made available for all ages and interests.

Private Dinner or Gathering Parties Welcomed!

Requested Special Event Music Purchases by Client/Venue

for Performance are non-refundable in his fees.

Refund or return policies of items are negotiable with performer

24-Hour Concert or Event Cancellation Required

15-Day-Payments Due Upon Completion of Performance Date.


Author Talks

Music from singing, playing a chord organ to keyboarding and organ in my early teens to adult years into the present - Life and the joy of music happens in my events.

I address the Voice of the Composures and the Awesomeness of multiple mixes of the keyboards abilities to bring to life the notes and the peaceful touches we all seek in the Performer and Audience Interaction.  Welcoming opportunities to intermingle the great works of writers & their touching your life deeply as it does in mine.  

Thanks for stopping by a moment in your interest of this site.

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Reflection Resources

Spiritual Links Enlightening Faith Journey, Moments of Reading, Writing, Witnessing the very Breath of God's Inspiring Touch in your everyday lives comes from the One-on-One Relationship with your Creator God Visiting, Listening, Whispering His Will and Calling your life into Divine Service.

Library Resource Music Links Available.

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