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Requesting Resume - Keyboard Time Travel

My organ and piano talents include assisting multiple levels of faith and civic community music activities. The past 45 years have been assisting Praise Bands, Choirs, Special Programming: such as Blue Monday (Dec 22), Advent/Lent Services, Weddings, Funerals and Retreat Events and nursing home performances.

The two-and-a-half year’s college training experience included traveling with (’77) small 20 and (’78-79) 50 vocal choral group provided several opportunities to perform hymns, soloist specials and accompany congregational sing.

The 1980 – 2017 experiences incorporated into studio or private instructions multiple lessons in an organ and advanced piano levels 1-9 studies. 

The United Methodist Laity Servant Leading in Worship, by Diane Kofahl, Oct 2015, expanded my emerging ministries experience with alternations through well-known tunes to century style hymns. This explanation in reviving our volume within the music library for congregational Spiritual Growth!

Laity Servant’s call was answered in 2000 in New Milford UMC.  Actively involved in multiple levels of retreats, Convocations and other events with United Methodist Men and assisting in leading worship with special Holy Land Slide and Music Package.

Emerging ministries advanced in 2016 with Sky Lake Women/Men’s/Family Retreat with my help in organizing Praise Band, PowerPoint slides and music specials.  These were also taken back to a sister church in the Fayetteville UMC for their choir and worship services for one-year experience among their parishioners.

The Word of God, Upper Room Devotional on-line, Prayer and continual media connections through diversity of music in my daily private meditation and studies resonates into advance worship, witness and awareness of God’s blessings passed forward unto others and the church parishioners.

My heart is always open into new ventures in the Faith and Civic Journey.

I look forward to our time together.



Thomas F Hall

Thomas F Hall Performer LLC – Keyboardist/Organist Performance Services

Resume Summary I am an intelligent, dependable, conscientious worker, possessing excellent keyboard dexterity and Internet skills with acute organ and piano instructional perception attentive to individual client/parishioner assessments.

Vocational History

(2021) Streaming – Zoom/YouTube Broadcast Team – Endwell UMC – Endwell NY 13760

(Oct ’15) Certified Lay Servant, Advanced Emerging Worship Course 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Binghamton NY 13902

(1980) Data Processing/Entry Graduate Typing/Keyboarding 60/WPM; HP-15 Notebook; Win 7 & 10; PowerPoint and additional desktop publishing features.  Excel and Internet software resource experience 2015-16.

(1979-1980) Ridley-Lowell School of Business – Binghamton NY 13905

Office Assistant Degree – Accounting; Data Entry; diversities in software office skills training.

(78-79) Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania – Clarks Summit PA 18811 (Clarks College now)

Vocal/Piano & Pastoral Major     1 ½ Year course studies

(1977-78) Practical Bible Training School- Johnson City NY 13790 (Davis College now)

Vocal/Piano & Pastoral Major     1 Year course studies

(1977) Chenango Forks Senior High School Graduate – Binghamton NY 13901

Business Major – Science & Music Minor

Vocational Employment History

08/92 – 07/93  Choral & Console Organ Master – The Conklin Forks UMC       607.669.4520

09/93 – 12/94  The Standfordville Baptist Church – Lawsville PA                     


01/95 – 07/96  The Lawsville Free Methodist Church Montrose PA                    570.967.2701

10/06 – 12/06  The Lawsville Free Methodist Church Montrose PA                    570.967.2701

12/00 – 02/06  The New Milford UMC – Console Organist/Accompanist            570.465.3500

12/03 – 06/04  Choral/Pipe Organist – Susquehanna UMC                                  570.727.3123

08/16 – 03/17  Choral/Pipe Organist – McGraw UMC                                           607.836.6802

10/18 – 12/04  Choral Accompanist Thursday Eve’s. Boulevard UMC              


01/20 – 03/20  Organ/Keyboardist – 8:15 Worship Endwell UMC                        607.754.3533

01/23 – 07/24 Organ/Keyboardist 10 Worship Centenary-Chenango UMC        607.724.3546


10/71 – 09/72 Mrs. James Royston – Private Instruction Level 1-2         Afton NY

10/72 – 07/75 Mrs. Pamela Talerico – Private Instruction Level 3-5         Binghamton NY

06/1973-1975 National Piano Teachers Guild 10-Piece Memorized Contestant

                       Awarded 95%. 96%, 98% - Listed in top 1000 contestants of Who’s Who (1975)

07/76 – 08/76 Mrs. Barbara Garges SUNY Binghamton Music – Accompanist Instructions

08/77 – 05/78 Rev Ackerly – Professor of Music (PBTS/Davis College)   Johnson City NY

                         Freshman Level Piano/Voice/Song Leading

08/78 – 05/79 Mr. William McDonald – Professor of Music Baptist Bible College Clarks Summit PA

                        Freshman Level Music Theory I & II / Hymnology Keyboard Studies

08/78 – 12/79 Mr. Charles Wilkes – Assigned Juilliard Professor of Music @ Clarks Summit PA ,    Freshman & Sophomore Piano Apologies Studies & Recitals/Accompanist

09/80 – 11/80 Mrs. Elaine Black – Private Console Organ Instructions  Binghamton NY

                        Rhythms, Variations & Organ Settings Reviews

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