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The Audience Reactions

May 8th was Mother's Day at the Hilton Scranton Dining Venue with family and couple settings of all ages. The Venue allowed me a beautiful mirrored Hallway spot between several seating areas with the guests ability to pass by or share their appreciation.

It is always a joy to have all ages engaging in the music and at several points in the music selections of waltzes there were even staff dancing.

My smile came with a small under two-year-old carried by her dad swung her back and forth down the hallway laughing and sharing the movement of the music as well on their way home from a great meal and family shared time.

It is these times with family that brings the greatest peace in my life!

Sunday was nice to see the families relaxed from Covid enough to joke and tease their table manners and relaxed to feel at home in a very beautiful setting with amazing staff.

My special thanks to the Manager and Teams from registration to dishwashing the well-run event is a must on my calendar if asked to help in Thanksgiving Venue to come.

All the best to you all.

Take Care, until another time;

Enjoy the audio and I will work on new event announcements soon.

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