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Thomas Hall's Music Performance Experiences

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Welcome reader to my segment blog on Performance Experiences


The journey in multiple levels of music performances from early age assigned to solos in small choirs to college 20 and 50 College Chorus always brings a special Joy to the listening audiences.

My family setting was in rural Up-State-Central NY Region. Born in a little clinic in Greene, NY and adopted at age 3 to my loving foster family in Afton, NY. I was interacting within my elementary years of sing in the chorus on holiday and church programs, My 6th Grade Year, joining a brass section as trombonist with Private Piano Instructions which granted me outstanding Music Awards in Vocal & Instrumental 6th Grade Graduation Ceremonies.

High School brought me amazing instructors! My three-year, Freshmen to Junior year, performances in 10 memorized classical numbers as a member participant in the National Piano Teacher's Guild as top 1,000 high point placement winners with certificates, plaques and the Who's-Who Notice Registry added to my progressive steps into further private preparation for college. Included in this time of growth and advancement was taking Intermediate and Advance level instructions from local college and private home studies with a graduate instructor from Canada, who was my church organist in Binghamton, NY. These two instructors allowed fresh insight to my musical keyboard gifts through the Neo-Classical period which reflects my style today.

Attending two-and-a-half years of college gave me new emerging sounds to classical, traditional and modern music styles that are enjoyed in my performances as a New Sound from the Voice of the Pianos greatest gift, "A Singing Sounds of Melodies."

I challenge my understanding to the settings of these authors struggles, their stories and most importantly their expression of the hands of these writings of musicians pieces. Furthering the curiosities of listeners to hear a slight silence or whisper of the authors breath upon their notations given in each number.

I challenge you to discover the music world in an enlightening interacting performance.

My favorite secular periods include the 1940 - 1960's; Broadway & Movie Musicals; Patriotic & Holiday Special Selections; along with Disney and multilevel Pop Music is included for audience involvement.

Thank you for your kindness of sharing a moment of your life in my world of Music Expression and performance.

Stay Tune for further updates and postings.

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